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Empowering Defenders: Unveiling Tomorrow's Threats, Today.

I+Cyber Threat Operations Center (I+TOC) is robust service platform designed to help you better identify, analyze and address external cyber threats.

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I+ TOC Capabilities

At our Threat Operations Center, we have the expertise to monitor your systems 24/7 and detect any potential threats before they cause any harm. Our cutting-edge technologies and advanced threat detection methods provide you with the best proactive approach against cyber attacks. Our team of expert analysts will analyze the data to provide you with actionable insights.

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The AttackWatch+ monitoring service is designed to offer comprehensive visibility for organizations by incorporating a range of external sensors that proactively detect and respond to potential threats. These sensors are strategically placed to gather data and intelligence from various sources, allowing for early warning and swift action against potential cyber-attacks.

Any information gathered is analyzed in real-time, generating critical alerts that are immediately shared with the Security Operations Center (SOC) and/or the security team. This enables them to take prompt and effective measures to block potential attacks before they can cause any harm to the organization's systems or data, ensuring robust defense against cyber threats.

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"Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory."

 Miguel de Cervantes

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