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Breach Intlligence

Breach Intelligence focuses on providing an organization specific intelligence signals that are indicative of a breach or malicious event that immediately presents a threat or risk to the organization. Breach Intelligence categorizes the latest threat actors along with their Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to discover ways to “intercept the attackers methodologies” with the intent to derive potential victim data. Our technology is taking the leap of intercepting the attacker communications through emulation, proxy sensors, peer to peer crawling, sinkholing, and other legal passive techniques which allow us to capture data about potential victims without any awareness to the attackers. 

Threat Intlligence

The threat intelligence process involves the collection, processing, and analysis of raw data in order to understand emerging or existing threats, threat actor motivations, targets, and attack behaviors. As a result of threat intelligence, we are able to make informed, data-driven decisions and take proactive actions in order to mitigate risks.

Threat intelligence solutions collect of information from:

Dark web

Open web

Close forums

IM (instant messaging)

Social media

Market places

Attack Surface Managment

Attack surface management (ASM) is the continuous discovery, analysis, remediation and monitoring of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors that make up an organization's attack surface.

ASM consists of four core processes:

Asset discovery

Classification and prioritization


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